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  • Highlighting the many and versatile health benefits of microbial silver

Highlighting the many and versatile health benefits of microbial silver

The real value of silver

Have you ever considered silver an important part of balanced health? Silver Sol is doctor-recommended and backed by extensive scientific evidence. Silver Sol has been used by tens of thousands of people as a primary means of immune support.

You may be familiar with silver asa shiny metal, but as a pH balanced supplement, it is so much more. pH balanced Silver Sol is a new antimicrobial solution made of 0.001 per cent elemental silver and 99.999 per cent pure water.

In this form, Silver Sol is powerful. It has been proven to kill drug-resistant bacterial strains, stop the replication of pathogenic viruses and restore health. Silver Sol can be taken topically or orally without any side effects. Specially engineered Silver Sol can change the way your body fights infection.

The real value of silver


Silver is a common medicinal remedy. Therapeutic silver has been around for centuries. It became popular because of its antimicrobial benefits when used in silverware, silver milk pails, silver coins in wells, and silver to disinfect newborn’s eyes.

Silver has established antimicrobial properties. Compared to these age-old therapies, today’s use of antimicrobial Silver Sol is more potent than anyone could have imagined.

pH balanced Silver Sol is the next level of antimicrobial silver, with the ability to inhibit and even kill a wide range of pathogenic bacteria, like the dangerous, drug-resistant strain MRSA.1 Silver Sol has been proven to kill Shigella boydii, Escheria coli, Haemophilus influenzae, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Enterobacter aerogenes, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Streptococcus pneumonia bacteria.

Silver Sol passes each new clinical test with flying colours. Researchers now consider this silver a ‘broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent’. Dr Ron Leavitt, Professor of Molecular Biology and Microbiology at Brigham Young University, has confirmed that there are no potentially pathogenic bacteria that Silver Sol has not killed to date.2


Some of the many therapeutic health benefits of Silver Sol include:

1. Anti-fungal: Silver Sol can be applied directly to yeast infections on the body, such as in the underarms or vagina. Silver Sol can be taken internally to treat muscle pain, digestive issues and symptoms like attention deficit disorder, depression, headaches and autoimmune dysfunction caused by yeast and fungal infections.

2. Antibiotic alternative: Disease-causing viruses cannot be cured by pharmaceutical drugs. Viruses are often mistreated with antibiotics; pH balanced Silver Sol has been patented to reverse transcriptase and DNA polymerase viruses to interrupt replication.3

3. Bladder infection: Silver Sol taken orally with cranberry juice or juniper berries can treat bladder infection within 12 to 24 hours.

4. Blood cleansing: Silver Sol is a known detoxifier and blood cleanser. It can enter red blood cells to cleanse viruses, yeast, parasites, bacteria and other toxins at the cellular level.

5. Bronchitis: Bronchitis may be bacterial or viral; Silver Sol can clear bronchitis when taken orally, through a nebuliser, or as a nasal spray. Silver Sol spray is recommended for chronic bronchitis prevention.

6. Colds: The common cold is a virus that can quickly replicate and produce excessive mucus. Silver Sol taken orally or as a spray can reduce inflammation and congestion to halt the spread of the virus.

7. Kidney disease: Silver Sol passes through the bloodstream, intestines, and kidneys unchanged to provide antibacterial and antiviral benefits. Silver Sol can be used for kidney disease to disinfect and control infection.

8. Wound healing. Silver Sol has widespread clinical application in topical wound-healing. It can improve healing and reduce infection when applied to bruises, lacerations, cuts, burns and even broken bones.

The health benefits of Silver Sol are impossible to ignore. Following years of research, doctors have begun to embrace this potent product to treat often devastating infectious disease. What’s more, Silver Sol has been used in clinical settings to treat abscesses, acne, age spots, athlete’s foot, bacterial infection, bad breath, bedsores, black mould, heart disease, cavities, irritable bowel syndrome and more.

Silver Sol has been created with a new molecular structure, unlike any silver product available to date. This new silver structure allows silver particles to be effectively transported throughout the body and excreted within just 24 hours.

Silver Sol taken as a patented supplement can be ingested daily without the risk of build-up in the body.

To see the greatest benefit to your health, silver must be quickly absorbed within the bloodstream. New Silver Sol delivery helps particles reach peak bloodstream absorption within just two hours. This patented formula provides all the benefits of medicinal silver – with maximum effectiveness and no known side effects. What can silver do for your health?


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