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  • Iodine and selenium - 2 super-nutrients working as 1

Iodine and selenium - 2 super-nutrients working as 1

Because Iodine has been almost entirely depleted from our food supply, and because we aren’t supplementing enough of this critical mineral, iodine deficiency has officially become a worldwide health problem. According to the World Health Organization, “Iodine deficiency is the world’s most prevalent, yet easily preventable, cause of brain damage.”1


Iodine and Selenium working togetherThe WHO goes on to say that we are on the verge of eliminating this widespread epidemic in iodine deficiency, attributed to our now-universal use of iodised salt around the world. But contrary to what the WHO asserts, that’s where many problems begin in the first place - at the table. Iodised table salt, or junk salt, was supposed to end global iodine deficiency, but in many cases, it has done more harm than good.

Iodised table salt contains potassium iodide, an inorganic potassium and iodine compound that can cause thyroid and liver toxicity if taken in high doses. What is confusing about the table salt purported to save the world is that it contains the word “iodine,” rather than “potassium iodide.” Your body needs natural salt, and your body needs iodine, but processed, iodised table salt only places a toxic burden on the body.

The essential trace mineral iodine, one of the 105 elements the universe is made from, is nothing at all like what you find advertised on a box of table salt. It is the pure iodine, and not the processed and adulterated version of the mineral, that the body relies on to regulate energy and metabolism, aid in detoxification, support thyroid health and immunity, and even prevent chronic disease.

Getting enough iodine at every stage of life is critical for every man, woman, and child, and especially during pregnancy. Iodine deficiency in pregnancy can impair foetal brain development, with iodine intake linked to potential benefits in breast and stomach cancer prevention, reduced risk of stroke and heart disease, and of course, protection against hyper- and hypothyroidism.2,3,4,5,6

To make matters worse, the American Chemical Society discovered nearly a decade ago that up to 53 percent of iodised salt samples contained less of the nutrient than was advertised by the FDA. Even when relying on table salt as your main source of iodine, in all likelihood, you are not getting close to enough of the daily dose your body needs.7


Highly absorbable iodine in its atomic form is critical to balance health and reduce risk of disease – but there is a catch. Iodine can’t do its job in the body without its healthy partner and essential mineral cofactor selenium. Working side-by-side with iodine, selenium helps to make good health a reality, contributing to normal immune and thyroid function, protecting healthy cells against oxidative stress, and maintaining normal hair, nail, and sperm quality.

Taking selenium each day right alongside iodine is one of the most effective and potent ways to put an end to the worldwide iodine crisis. Make no mistake: table salt can’t fix the iodine problem that is at the root of so many chronic health issues. Iodine and selenium working as one offer a simple yet powerful solution - the two minerals the body needs to balance the thyroid, improve immunity, and strengthen our natural defence against disease.



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