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  • Magnetic Clay Baths - Mercury detox

Magnetic Clay Baths - Mercury detox

Magnetic Clay Baths - Mercury detox
price check of Magnetic Clay Baths - Mercury detox

Magnetic Clay Baths - specialize in detoxing mercury

Clay Detox Bath - Mercury II Bath Kit:

  • The baths can be used by children and the elderly
  • The clay and formula ingredients are all-natural
  • Our clay formulas have no emulsifiers no chemical additives
  • No other clay has as much natural “pulling power” as LL’s Magnetic Clay

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Mercury II Bath Kit Detox:

Mercury II Bath Kit Detox:
Similar to the previous Dental/Mercury I formula, but with the addition of cilantro, chlorella, and other special herbs, this bath also assists in removal of elemental mercury, organic mercury (methyl and ethyl mercury), and inorganic mercury. Can be used in place of, or alternated with, the Dental Mercury I formula.

Sources of Mercury

Dental amalgams, vaccines, fish (especially those higher up the food chain), air pollution from coal fired power plants, adhesives, thermometers, cosmetics, plastics, fabric softeners, felt, floor waxes/polishes, fungicides, industrial waste, laxatives, wood preservatives, hair dye, batteries, solvents, and more.

Related Symptoms of Mercury Toxicity

Mercury is currently associated with over 4,000 diseases. These include...

...Learning and behavioral disorders, tremors, dermatitis, insomnia, edema, fatigue, fever, forgetfulness, frequent colds, gastric disturbances, migraine headaches, hearing impairment, high blood pressure, impaired concentration, irregular heartbeat, kidney and liver damage, lack of coordination, loosening of teeth, loss of appetite, leaky gut syndrome, metallic taste, muscle weakness, nervousness, numbness, tingling in hands and feet, pain in the chest, restriction of visual field, ringing in the ears, shallow or irregular breathing, speech disorders, weight loss, and much more.

The baths are safe and effective as an aid to detoxification when used according to the instructions. One bath releases years of toxic environmental pollutants that have been accumulating--out of your body and into the bath tub.

The baths are inexpensive and do not require costly equipment. They can save you hundreds of dollars and lots of time compared to chelation therapy and other forms of environmental detoxification programs.

Healing properties can be maximized if used in combination with other cleansing and maintenance programs.
Formulas of all natural spices and herbs have been synergistically tested as well as specific testing for amounts to maximize the effectiveness of each formula.
The baths now have available--CDA's. CDA's are clay dissolving agents which enable easier clean-up after each bath. Use 1 set for baths using 2 ½ cups of clay or more.
A clay detox bath is thought to detoxify metals from the body much faster than other types of chelation.


Each kit contains 2.5kg of specially formulated 100% natural raw healing clay and botanicals, enough for 8-10 baths.

- Cilantro Leaf
- Chlorella
- Sage Leaf
- Rosemary Leaf
- Fennel Seed


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